#facialgymnastics is a trending topic, and at Work Your Face we know in depth the benefits and secrets of a good facial workout! And the secret is a good #facialmassage

You may already know that one of the tricks to prolong the results of a professional workout is to regularly do facial exercises at home . If you do it correctly and are consistent, having a firm, bright and fit complexion will be a piece of cake. And, to make facial gymnastics even more effective, you can incorporate products and tools into your routine. Suggestive, right?
Keep reading to discover the best products and tools to combine your workout at home!


Preparing the skin with specific products that also facilitate movement is the best way to guarantee results. Shall we review the essentials?

Step first: cleaning! Having your face washed is essential for any treatment or exercise that we want to do. Cleaning will not only help us free the pores of the skin and remove dead cells, but it will also prevent possible irritations. That being the case, we recommend looking for cleansers with gentle formulas that respect your skin's skin barrier while cleaning deeply. Our YOUR Gentle Cleansing Bubbles cleansing foam, for example, has a 96% rate of natural components that remove all impurities and leave your skin clean, fresh and prepared for your workout. 3, 2, 1... we continue!

Prepares the face for subsequent treatment; Using facial toner is an important step because it restores the skin's pH. YOUR Purifying Rice Tonic also nourishes, refreshes, removes impurities and fights acne. Our advice? Massage your face gently with the help of a cotton ball and, so that it penetrates the skin better, make circles all over your neck and face, paying attention to the chin, cheeks, hairline and neck.

Now we get into action! With the skin prepared, we can start the exercises! Our tip is to use a few drops of oil, either with the fingertips or with a tool to promote movement, avoid friction and not irritate the skin. Our favorite is YOUR Workout Oil , a combination of nine oils (sunflower, jojoba, avocado, argan, sweet almond, hazelnut, of which grapefruit, orange and ginseng are essential) with a light and hydrating formula. There's a reason it's our star product!


You can perform your massage either with your hands or, to improve the experience, you can add a tool. We tell you which ones are essential!

The most famous tool to perform your massages is, without a doubt, Gua Sha . They were already used in traditional Chinese medicine and, naturally, both its design and use have been perfected over the centuries. Today they are found in all materials; rose quartz, jade, nephrite jade, green aventurine, porcelain... Of course, being organic materials they can be difficult to disinfect and, in some cases, they are at risk of breaking. For this reason, in our Studio we use our stainless steel Gua Sha which is very easy to clean, cannot break and, in addition, the cold steel counteracts muscle rigidity. Its benefits? Tones, drains, and reduces inflammation of the skin and dark circles . Our trainers usually use it with our iconic YOUR Workout Oil , but did you know you can also use it with creams and serums?

It is no secret that the use of screens, added to other habits of modern life, negatively affects our gaze and eye area. And this particularly delicate area needs special care. To do this, there are facial tools focused on reducing bags and relieving the area , like our Facial Mushrooms , for example. These also drain toxins and decongest the skin, making it smoother . To use them, simply use a suitable oil to facilitate mobility and massage from the temples to the eye contour with circular and ascending movements. A great pro of our Facial Mushrooms is that you can use them... even cold! This way you can also fight against swelling . All advantages!

Do small expression lines bother you? We've got you covered!

Among the most recognized tools are Facial Cups ; Suction cups in two sizes that, thanks to the pressure they exert, improve circulation and define the muscles. Its use is really simple; By pressing the tip you eliminate the air, creating a vacuum effect and being able to massage from the chin to the hairline. We remind you that it is important that the movements are always upward and go from the center of the face outwards.

There are thousands of product and tool options, but choosing a brand with strong values ​​that you can trust is essential for your facial care.

The best thing you can do?

Opt for natural and skin-friendly products, choose tools that are ideal for your needs, perform your workouts correctly and be consistent. Because enhancing your natural beauty with visible results and without the need for chemical products is possible.

Do you have more questions? Then, contact us !

At Work Your Face you are in good hands.

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