Facial gymnastics: what is it?

Times change and, of course, beauty evolves. Today, new generations are moving away from the unattainable canons of a couple of decades ago, from practices that made realities invisible and benefited only very small groups. And movement is not just 'aesthetic'. Billions of users look for products, treatments and techniques that are respectful of all skin types and the environment, with components of natural origin and non-intrusive . For example, in the United States alone, 49% of respondents aged 18 to 34 buy products with natural ingredients according to a study by Mintel Group.

We live in the era of revolution in the beauty industry . And this is where facial gymnastics comes into play, have you heard of it?


The point of origin of facial gymnastics is not clear, but there are writings that talk about techniques to exercise and relax the facial muscles, such as 'The Complete Book of Yoga' by James Hewitt from 1983. It was, more or less, when there was a boom linked to facial yoga in Japan. But we can go back further, even millennia. In 2500 BC, traditional Chinese medicine already contemplated touching strategic points to release stress and massages with jade.


Let's think about the benefits of sport; release tension, improve physical fitness, regulate blood pressure... If you work the muscles of the arm, glutes, abdomen, why not work the facial muscles as well?

Thus, the main objective of facial gymnastics is to tone the more than 40 muscles of the face . Well-applied exercises will drain the skin, oxygenate the skin and soften the features, providing a natural lifting effect without any invasive intervention.

Because there is no better feeling than leaving refreshed after a good cardio session, right?


  • Redefines the facial oval: elevates the face and polishes your features.
  • Rejuvenating effect: combats sagging, reduces wrinkles and achieves a firmer face.
  • Take care of your skin health: purify your complexion, enhance collagen creation and improve blood circulation.
  • Anti-stress effect: relaxes the features and relieves facial tension.

Additionally, in the process you can also deeply hydrate your skin, mitigate possible swelling and close pores , among other benefits.

Without a doubt, the best way to restore the shine to your face in a 100% natural way.


To achieve these pros, however, it is essential to apply gymnastics correctly , otherwise the exercises can be counterproductive.

Among the best tips we have is to remember that the movements should always be ascending and that the ideal is usually to perform five repetitions per zone.

The movements will vary depending on the part to be worked; forehead, eyes, cheekbones, neck, collarbones... There are specific techniques for each one, and you can use both the pads of your fingers and specific tools, like Gua Sha , for example.


Don't know where to start? So, the ideal is to let yourself be advised and pampered by experts.

In our pioneering Studio in Barcelona we have designed five treatments to adapt to each need. Our workouts range from the essential HANDS ONLY LIFT , to the PREMIUM LIFT that works the facial muscles more intensely, to the CRYO ANTI AGING with Cryo Oxygen technology to activate skin cell regeneration.

Furthermore, in the workouts we only use products that are respectful of the skin and the environment . Our favorite? The signature YOUR Workout Oil , with 97.7% components of natural origin that, by the way, you can also take with you to enjoy a little piece of the #WorkYourFaceExperience at home.

At Work Your Face we believe in the power of the unique and natural beauty of each face, and we know how to enhance it. You're in good hands!

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