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The star workout, a complete one-hour experience that will transform your face!  


Reserva tu workout y añádele un booster o enfocado.

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Our star facial gymnastics workout has been meticulously designed to give you an intensive facial care session. For those looking for more complete care, our PREMIUM LIFT 60' workout is the answer.

¡The star workout, a complete experience that will transform your face! Enjoy the main benefits of WYF facial treatments, such as stimulating collagen production, reducing swelling, restoring elasticity to your skin, improving blood circulation and achieving an oxygenated and radiant skin.

You will notice from your first workout how your skin recovers its lost elasticity, giving it a rejuvenated and toned look. It also improves blood circulation, which means that your skin will receive a boost of nutrients and oxygen, achieving a radiant and healthy appearance.

For those looking for more complete care, our PREMIUM LIFT 60' workout is the answer. A more intense workout that works the facial muscles in depth, with Lift Pro Plus (the star muscle electrostimulation machine) and manual equipment in three cycles; heating, cardio and cooldown.

Get the benefits of the QUICK LIFT 35', such as the natural lifting effect, with a plus: better results. It stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation, tones your skin, reinvigorates your face and redesigns the facial oval in this extrasensory experience.

Feel as refreshed as after a good gym or yoga session. Enjoy a workout at another level!


In addition to the effects of the QUICK LIFT 35'...
- Oxygenates your complexion
- Promotes the flexibility of the skin
- Improves blood circulation
- Visibly blurs wrinkles


No recomendamos hacer un workout si actualmente tiene:

Afecciones cutáneas activas o infecciones bacterianas (acné, eccema, psoriasis o herpes labial, piel agrietada, impétigo, furúnculos faciales, conjuntivitis, orzuelos)

Embarazo (debido al uso del dispositivo de estimulación muscular eléctrica). Si está embarazada, informe a su Trainer. En lugar de los eléctricos, su entrenador usará un masaje prolongado de tejido profundo.3+ meses de embarazo

Botox en las últimas 2 semanas

Rellenos faciales cosméticos en las últimas 4 semanas 

Cirugía facial en los últimos 6 meses

¿Qué productos se usan?

Clean: YOUR Gentle Cleansing Bubbles & Your Purifying Rice Tonic
Exercise: YOUR Workout Oil
Finishing touch: YOUR Hydra Boost Serum or YOUR Energizing Vit C Serum.
Always with protective screen!

Electro-stimulation Muscle Lift Pro Plus
Manual appliances: Gua Sha, Facial Mushrooms, Facial Cups and Facial Massage Ball.

Si tienes cualquier duda durante el proceso de reserva llámanos al +34 931 05 85 63 y nuestros trainers te aconsejaran.

Tu gimnasio facial está en Calvet, 60, Barcelona.