Gua Sha

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Tradition and technology come together to achieve a firming effect.

From traditional Chinese medicine to the 21st century; we reformulate the Gua Sha to empower
results while retaining its strengths. The benefits range from improving the
blood circulation to the reaffirmation of the contour of the face. It looks like magic, but it’s science!

Designed to fit the face line; drains, deflates and reduces skin inflammation and dark circles. It also helps to release tension in the jaw line and brings a lot of luminosity to the skin.

Another quality we love about Gua Sha is that it facilitates the absorption of oils, serums and moisturizers, use it with YOUR Workout Oil and put your facial routine to another level!

Fitness goals

- Unlocks rigidity and stresses
- Tones and softens the complexion
- Reduces skin inflammation and dark circles

How to use

On clean skin, use Gua Sha along with your favorite oil or serum, preferably in the morning to combat swelling. Perform a gentle massage in an ascending direction, starting from the chin to the hairline. Remember to always make upward movements, without returning, on the face and neck for a draining effect.

It is advisable to perform a minimum of 5 movements for each facial area. In addition, you can also use the cold to your advantage and previously leave it in the refrigerator or freezer.

A tip to get more out of it: use it once or twice a week for a delicate skin peel.

Feel the present with the magic of the past, and enjoy a moment of relaxation in your beauty routine!


Did you know that our Gua Sha is made of stainless steel? This material makes the accessory easy to clean and disinfect, so it prevents bacteria from building up. In addition, cold steel is perfect to counteract muscle stiffness.