Facial Massage Ball

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The key to firmer, fuller skin.

This small massage ball gives great results: it tones the face, improves the circulation of the skin and, in addition, relaxes the areas of muscle stiffness such as the stiff jaw, fine lines, taut brow and knots in the neck.
It also helps to repair and soothe the skin, counteracting problems related to dryness, pores and other irregularities.
Getting a smoother, softer and more radiant complexion is in your hands!

Fitness goals

- Relieves skin tension and fatigue
- Corrects sagging and imperfections
- Stimulates blood circulation

How to use

Include the ball in your facial yoga routine to reaffirm your face and unlock all tensions. Start by washing it before each use and then proceed to massage your face and neck with gentle circles. Remember that you can work the eye area to neutralize bags, swelling and signs of tiredness, and you can also get creative and get down to the collarbone and shoulder area! You set the pace and the limits; listen to your body and follow your instinct to renew your energy points.
Trick: the effect of the massage will intensify if, previously, you leave the ball about 15 minutes in the freezer, the cold is your best ally!


Following our workout philosophy, and thinking about the best attributes that accessories can have, the Facial Massage Balls are made with materials that evoke pilates balls. ¡ A plus in your facial exercises!