On this occasion we teach you how to use our Gua Sha , the natural alternative to Botox to tighten facial skin, oxygenate it and reactivate microcirculation so that you look rejuvenated and radiant.

Massages with this famous tool are the fashionable technique for facial and body rejuvenation. An ancient technique of Asian origin that was born in China about 2,000 years ago as a method of preventing aging and that we now also enjoy in the West to obtain all its aesthetic benefits.

How to use Gua Sha at home

Here we want to show you how to use Gua Sha at home, how you should perform massages to get the most out of it, and prolong the effects of the workout you do in the studio.

The first thing you should know is that the ideal is to first apply a nourishing base to the face, such as our YOUR WORKOUT OIL , so that the Gua Sha slides correctly over the skin, and the product is absorbed better.

You must keep in mind that the movements must be upward and in one direction, and that ideally you should do them in the opposite direction to your wrinkles.

Our Gua Sha adapts to the shape and curvature of your face and is specially designed to apply different massage techniques in a very relaxing way and without discomfort. These movements will help you redefine the contour of the facial oval, rejuvenating the different areas where you apply it.

If you are wondering in which areas of the face to perform the movements, we clarify that it is designed to apply them to the forehead, cheeks, jaw line and double chin, following the movements that we share with you below:

Gua Sha: How to use it correctly so as not to hurt yourself

Although Gua Sha is designed for the face, it is normal to doubt how to use it correctly so as not to hurt yourself with the movements.

As happens when applying any cosmetic, washing your face or performing any facial therapy, the movements must be very gentle, avoiding forced stretching that tightens the skin too much.

The movements must be ascending and smooth, without forcing and not performing each movement more than 5 times.

On clean skin, perform the massage for 3 to 5 minutes.

Jaw and chin: Upward movements from the center of the chin to the earlobe contouring the jaw, with the small curve of the Gua Sha.

Forehead : Divide the forehead into three zones and perform the movements from the center outwards with the widest curve of the Gua Sha.

Cheeks: The first movement goes from the nose back along the cheeks and cheekbones, towards the ears. The second movement goes from the chin back, contouring the cheeks with the wide part of the Gua Sha.

Eye contour : The skin in this area is very delicate, so movements must be especially gentle in this area. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, make the movements towards the temple with the smooth angle of Gua Sha.

Eyebrows : The movement runs along the eyebrow bone towards the temple, also from between the eyebrows with the smooth angle of Gua Sha.

Neck : Lastly, the neck. Divide it into four sections and glide from the bottom up to cover the entire skin with the wide curve of the Gua Sha.

It is important not to perform the movements more than 5 times so as not to overload the area or cause redness.

You will see that there are more parts of Gua Sha that we do not teach you how to use because they are more technical, but do not hesitate to come to the Studio and do one of our 1to1 Classes.

Finally, the question you ask us so much... How many times a day do you use Gua Sha ?

You already know the movements, but you don't know how many times a day to use Gua Sha and how often to perform the massages to get the most out of the technique.

Our recommendation is to use it every day for a few minutes. Of course, as it is a natural and non-invasive technique, there is no problem in using it more times, but once a day is enough.

You can do it in the morning with your moisturizing cream and at night, once you have removed your makeup, applying a moisturizing or nourishing base and doing the massages before going to bed. As we have mentioned, this will improve the results of the cosmetics you use, enhancing the benefits of the active ingredients. We are going to talk to you precisely about the benefits of using Gua Sha in the next section.

The use of Gua Sha has multiple benefits for your skin

The use of Gua Sha has multiple benefits for your skin, but we are going to summarize the 8 main ones so that you can see the full potential of this ancient technique:

  • Relax and relax the face.
  • Increases blood microcirculation and revives tissues.
  • Reduces dark circles and bags.
  • Reduces open pores.
  • It improves skin texture.
  • Smoothes the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Improves sagging skin on the neck and facial contour.
  • Illuminates dull skin.

We hope you have enjoyed learning how to use Gua Sha at home and that we have clarified your doubts.

Now all you have to do is be consistent and enjoy all its aesthetic benefits.

Remember that you can purchase your GUASHA on our website and add 1 to 1 advice with our trainers to learn this technique!

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